Health Preservation
1. TEDA navel fumigation, 80 minutes, at the retail price of 450 Yuan
it purifies the skin by exfoliating and massaging the back and abdomen. Together with wormwood moxibustion,it regulates endocrine, the spleen and stomach, and strengthens gastrointestinal functions.
2. Intracranial Purification, 80 minutes, at a retail price of 450 Yuan
Ear candles are used to remove dirt in the ears by traditional smoking methods. It also helps to eliminate stress, headache, dizziness, and nasal congestion, thereby improving mental fatigue.
3. Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage, 45 minutes, at a retail price of 98 Yuanbr> The massage adopts a variety of traditional Chinese medicine kneading techniques and follows the traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy methods. It relaxes the muscles and the meridians, makes the blood circulation smooth, restores vitality, and has an excellent effect on the rehabilitation of certain diseases, such ascervical spondylosis and lumbar discs.
4. Foot Massage, 45 minutes, at a retail price of 98 Yuan
Pressing, tapping and rubbing the acupuncture points of the feet and the reflex areas of the internal organs smooths the circulation of qi and blood, relieves body fatigue, enhances immunity and improves sub-health status.