Relieving Pressure
1. Twelve-MeridianBalancing, 90 minutes, at a retail price of 528 Yuan.A meridian is the path through which the body's qi and blood flow. It in vivo belongs to the internal organs and in vitro spreads over the whole body. Combining the balance technique of Tai Chi Yin and Yang conditioning, together withproper essential oil, it will dredge the meridian Qi and blood, regulate viscera and relieve pressure.
2. Aromatherapy Massage, 90 minutes, at a retail price of 528 Yuan.Massage adopts softening, sticking, slipping, tapping anddraining and detoxifying manipulation, together with essential oils, you will be refreshed while listening toand meditating in the SPA soul music, and your body and mind will be precipitated.
3. Whole Body Lymphatic Drainage and Detoxification, 70 minutes, at the retail price of 628 Yuan. The aroma therapist uses a uniform-strength, drainage and detoxification technique, together with pure plant essential oils, to dredge the lymph and blood vessels of the body, activate body functions, promote the circulation of the lymphatic system, making you relaxed physically and mentally.
4. Balinese Massage, 60 minutes, at a retail price of 498 Yuan. Using the traditional Balinese technique of the famous SPA paradise, the soothing technique is deep, relieves muscle tension and pain, and makes the whole body relaxed and comfortable.
5. Swedish Massage, 45 minutes, at a retail price of 328 Yuan. It is a massagepopular in Europe, uses comfortable and smooth techniques, and promotes muscle relaxation by knocking and kneading.