Guest rooms
About Guest rooms
There are seven types of guest rooms in TEDA International Club Tianjin, including Presidential Suite, Ambassador Suite, Deluxe Suite, Executive Suite, Selected Room, Superior Room, Business Room. The rooms are spacious, have a wide view and complete functions. They are the perfect unity of luxury and elegance.
The rooms are equipped with central air-conditioning, international direct dial telephone, satellite TV receiving system and broadband internet. The mini bar provides snacks and drinks. The room service center provides 24-hour warm service for guests.
The business center located on the third floor of the Club provides 24-hour faxing, typing, copying, computer rental and Internet access, express delivery, and valet ticket booking services for you, making your business travel more comfortable, convenient and efficient.
Room Selection
Standard Rooms
Size£º27 -- 40m2
1£®The valid period is from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.
2£®As market changes, TEDA International Club Tianjin reserves the right to adjust the above prices.
¡ñ Provide warm service for guests
¡ñ 24-hour lobby manager, security services, high privacy, independent elevator
¡ñ High-speed Internet system in the room
¡ñ Satellite TV, the total number of TV channels available is 45
Address£ºNo.7-2 Fukang Road Nankai District Tianjin, China
Tel£º(86 22) 5869 5555
Fax£º(86 22) 2306 5555