The Ripple SPA
The SPArepresents the international popular health concept. As the core functional area of theClub, it is an area dedicatedfor members and guests of TEDA International Club Tianjin. SPA is popular in Europe and America. It is the abbreviation of the Latin word Solus Par Aqua, which means to promote health through water, and its Chinese meaning is "hydrotherapy". The name SPA originated from the natural hot spring town called SPAU in southern Belgium in the 16th century. In the early days, SPA mainly used hot springs or natural mineral springs for bathing and recuperation, but today it has evolved into a modern leisure way that integrates vacation, health, beauty, and sports fitness.
Green Wave Spa introduces a full set of top European and American SPA facilities, with a total of more than 30 types of spa projects such as physiotherapy massage, body treatment, luxury bath, facial care, hand and foot care. Throughall-round sensory conditioning of "five senses and six senses", i.e.viewing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting and meditation, it enables you the wonderful experience of beauty and body. The main facilities include functional spas such as saunas, steam baths, hydromassage baths, beauty salons for comprehensive facial and body beautification, and health-care physiotherapy massages.
Location£º4th Floor, TEDA International Club Tianjin
Business Hours£º8:30 - 20:30
Tel£º£¨022£©58695555 ext. 8500/8595